Can people with glasses participate?
Yes, each helmet is equipped with an adapter that allows enough room for the glasses without affecting the clarity of vision in the helmet.

Is your environment suitable for people with disabilities?
It is possible to play with a lower body disability by sitting in a chair and using prosthetic devices to move the fingers. The environment is also adapted for people with mild color blindness and for people with a hearing impairment (requires the collaboration of the team). Contact Immersia Studio to find out about possible solutions.

Can I provide my own virtual reality headsets?
Due to logistical concerns, this is not currently possible. The price charged by your trainer includes the rental of the best-in-class Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

Do all participants have to use a virtual reality headset to participate in the activity?
It is preferable that all participants be in virtual reality. If you absolutely cannot wear a headset, contact your trainer to find an alternative that would work for you.

Is it possible that some people are unable to play?
Yes, each person is unique and may react differently to a virtual reality experience. Tell us about your situation and we will guide you through the options available.